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Heather and Nathan Porteous

Brother and Sister House Flipping Team

Despite their constant light-hearted bickering, this brother-sister team is a force to be reckoned with! Both worked taxing jobs, Heather as a chef and Nathan as an auto body painter, before realizing they could make way more money and have much more fun flipping houses full-time. Heather is the organized taskmaster who makes sure the flip is done on time and on budget, no matter what it takes. Her baby brother Nathan is her right-hand man, happy to offer his opinion…even when it isn’t asked for! Heather is the driving force behind the designs, favoring wood tones and architectural detailing to help draw in prospective buyers. Nathan is the “techie” of the pair, updating the flips with gadgets for tech-savvy buyers. His internet connection is ALWAYS stronger than Heather’s! Their team is a true family affair - mom helps with landscaping, dad is a plumber, Heather’s husband Garth is a general contractor and the extended family pitches in to help with everything else in between. Heather and Nathan may go toe-to-toe sometimes (as siblings do) but in the end they always come together.

Flipping Foundations with Heather & Nathan from HGTV Canada’s Hoarder House Flippers
June 1, 2022

Flipping Foundations with Heather & Nathan from HGTV Canada’s Hoarder…

In this episode we chat about what to look for when buying a flip, what to avoid, and designing for potential buyers. We also have a little fun talking about the joys of working with family.

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